Free ways to promote a YouTube channel

YouTube does not guarantee that even high-quality optimized videos will be at the top of the search for target queries. Let’s see what we can do to advance to the TOP. For starters, it’s free.

Engaging the audience
We tell you how to increase the number of subscribers and views, get likes and increase the percentage of user retention. Buy youtube subscribers fast.

Just ask. At the end of each video, ask them to subscribe to the channel and like the video.
Allow you to easily and quickly subscribe to the channel. Place a subscription link on each video:
How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
Allow comments on the video. Participate in discussions, give thanks, and respond to negatives.
A good technique is to briefly report what it is about at the very beginning of the video and promise a » bun » at the end (life hack, checklist, product usage scenario).
Use live broadcasts as an opportunity to communicate live with subscribers and expand your audience:
How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist

Explore your subscribers and their channels.Subscribe to popular channels in your niche and leave expert comments on the topics of the videos. This will attract the attention of a large audience. Of course, using comments to advertise your channel «head—on» is a bad idea. It is better to thank you for interesting content, ask a question, and supplement the information with your observations.
Create a variety of video content: reviews, interviews, short video instructions, entertainment content, etc.
Embed videos on your site
Place the link to the channel in the header and/or footer of the site:

How to promote a YouTube channel: instructions + checklist
You can use the following types of videos directly on the site:

product reviews;
video instructions;
insert videos in your blog posts.
If the videos are high-quality and interesting, site visitors will go to the channel, subscribe and continue to interact with the brand on YouTube.

In order for the video to be displayed correctly in search results and when reposting in social networks, mark it up with and Open Graph.

We include videos in email newsletters
This is a shareware method if you pay for the mailing service. Add a link to the video in the next email and get traffic from interested users. Of course, only the mailing list on your database will benefit.

Exchange announcements in newsletters with friendly brands: you give a link to their video or channel, they — to yours.

We post announcements on social networks
If you have a loyal community in one or more social networks — it is a sin not to use it. From the announcement, users who are already familiar with the brand will go to the channel and are more likely to watch to the end, comment, put alike, add a video to the «Watch later» playlist.

Teaming up with thematic channels
Connect with other channels and announce each other’s events.

What channels are worth considering:

thematically close, but not competitors (for example, a fabric store and a workshop for interior dolls);
channels with a similar target audience;
popular channels among residents of a particular region (important for local businesses).

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